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Spankings, On-Camera, Since 1994.
Raven Hill Studios’ has become one of the premiere producers of quality, punishment-style spanking movies and reality series. Our innovative style has drawn acclaim from enthusiasts around the world.
The girls who receive spankings in Raven Hill Studios movies are, for the most part, are real, everyday girls — not professional models or fetish actresses. This brings an intriguing quality to our movies, in that when you watch the punishment sequenes, you see actual, genuine reactions from the girls that are not staged or over-acted.
The punishments are genuine. We use no make-up or camera tricks to give the illusion of a stinging spanking. Everything you witness is real.
Raven Hill Studios is also noted for its innovative approach to the spanking genre, launching reality-based movies. We went to the beach and talked real sunbathing girls into getting real spankings, on camera, at our beach house. We traveled the highways of America and talked real girls we met along the way into submitting to genuine spankings, on camera. And, we created an entire series in which real girls get out of trouble with the court system, by instead, submitting to authentic spankings at Raven Hill.
Whether reality themed, or theatrical, you can always trust Raven Hill Studios to deliver the kind of spanking entertainment you really want to watch.

Site is Presently Under Construction.
We’re revamping our site to provide a much better experience for you. In the coming days, you will notice new pages added, including descriptive pages for each of our productions.
We will be utilizing some streaming video technology so that you can see some action clips from our movies.
In the meantime, please click on the links above to watch FREE VIDEO CLIPS and FULL LENGTH MOVIES. And click on SHOP to visit our ONLINE STORE, where you will be able to see pictures and descriptions of all our movies.
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© 2014, Raven Hill Studios. All rights reserved.
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When our girls get spanked, they get SPANKED!
Beach Girls Spankings 1: Tampa & Miami Girls
Beach Girls Spankings 2: Michigan & Kansas Girls
Beach Girls Spankings 3: Illinois and New York Girls
Beach Girls Spankings 4: Ohio
Beach Girls Spankings 5:
Beach Girls Spankings 6:
Real Canings
Real Hairbrush Spankings
Real Over-The-Knee Spankings
Real Paddlings
Girls Getting Spankings
More Girls Getting Spankings
16 Stark Naked Spankings
The Resolved Canings
When They Broke (Outtakes)
Because Rules Were Broken
Punishment Day
Annikka’s Demerits
Border Guard Blisterings
Czech Brütal 1: “Night of Beating”
Czech Brütal 2: “Ruining His Bad Girl’s Rear”
Shame of Hasmabod
A Spanking Works Better
Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed Whippin’s
When Its Long Overdue
Caught and Spanked
Breaking Amy
The Cheater Gets the Whipping
Spankings From Mr. Ruppi
Maid For Punishment
Daddy’s Friend Spanks Harder
Office Rules
Spanked For Their Mischief
You’ll Both Be Spanked Today
The Forbidden Room
Her Payback: A Spanking
Belt Spankings at Reform House Number 9
County Sheriff’s Bad Girl Spankings
Co. Sheriff’s 2: “Broken Laws, Busted Butts!”
Co. Sheriff’s 3: “Paddled at the Ranch”
Naked Violations
Spanking Girls at the Bad House
Reform House Punishments
The Spankings Are Real: Volume 1
The Spankings Are Real: Volume 2
The Spankings Are Real: Volume 3
The Spankings Are Real: Volume 4
The Scorchings at Wentworth
The Cheerleader Spankings at Central State
Detention Room Spankings
The Headmaster Blake Stingings
Prepared for the Paddle
Gettin’ It From Coach Thomas
Rodding The Wentworth Girls
Paddling the Football Cheerleaders
Highway 1: Georgia and Tennessee
Highway 2: Kentucky and Ohio
Highway 3: “Louisiana Lickin’s at Mardi Gras” A
Highway 4: “Louisiana Lickin’s at Mardi Gras” B
Russian Slaves 01: “Birching of Serf Girls”
Russian Slaves 02: “Naughty Schoolgirls”
Russian Slaves 03: “Medical Students Corrections”
Russian Slaves 04: “KGB Interrogations”
Russian Slaves 05: “Sadistic General”
Russian Slaves 06: “Russian Family Spankings”
Russian Slaves 07: “Schoolmaster’s Lessons”
Russian Slaves 08: “Maid In Training”
Russian Slaves 09: “Female Athletes Camp”
Russian Slaves 12: “Bath House/School Caning”
Russian Slaves 19: “Bad Students/Training Serf Girl
Russian Slaves 22: “Sororiety Hazing in Russia”
Russian Slaves 23: “Punishment of Unfaithful Lesbian”
Russian Slaves 24: “Russian School Punishments”
Russian Slaves 26: “Cruel Father/Old School Russia”
Russian Slaves 27: “School Punishments 2/Roughman Club 1
Russian Slaves 28: “Ballet School/Roughman Club 2
Russian Slaves 30: “Stolen Potatoes/Interview in Moscow
Russian Slaves 31: “Sports School in Moscow”
Russian Slaves 32: “Abduction”
Russian Slaves 33: “Abduction, Part II: ‘What Happens Next?’”
Russian Slaves 34: “Bad Habit/Swinder’s Punishment
Russian Slaves 35: “Punished for Infidelity/Interview for Roughman
Russian Slaves 37: “The Countessa’s Handerchief”
Russian Slaves 38: “White Devil”